Site Safety Assessment Guide

Identifying the Risk Classification

Risk Classification Example

  • In the first box, indicate the hazard classification. Indicate the risk by using L for low, M for moderate or H for high.
  • Enter the name of the person who has been assigned to deal with a specific hazard, and the date that it was corrected.

  • As you conduct your site inspection, pick the description that best fits the hazards you find.
  • In the second box beside exposed electrical panels, indicate what you are going to take (actions 1 to 5 from the Controls Required list (4) ).

  • On the SSA form, you would indicate the number 1. Eliminate the hazard. If additional action is required, use the third box.

Identify and Record All Hazards

  • Repeat this step for all of the hazards you find as you do your site safety assessment. You may find one or many hazards.

Go over all the hazards found on the jobsite with workers and authorized visitors.

Assign workers (or yourself) to take corrective action for each hazard. The shift supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the required action has been taken.

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